Catering Services

Monir Logistics Catering Services is a top-notch provider of all aspects of catering and catering support services, for both internal and external clients.   Internationally certified,and committed to raise the quality of catering services in the region.    We have risen from our humble beginning to a modest growth in few years by keeping the high standards of catering industry.    Today, our state-of-the-art kitchen facilities are serving 150,000 meals a day.    Our team of chefs is the master of Culinary Art and highly recognized in industry.    Monir Logistics Catering Service is coupled with active management and quick logistics for safe and fast order delivery

We at Monir Logistics understand the delicacy of fine dining for our VIP guests.    We can provide high-end catering services to our exclusive guests on their specific needs.   We also provide catering services for commercial and industrial grade parties for up to 200,000 people.    Monir Logistics believe in sanitary and hygienic work environment.    For this reason, we constantly monitor and upgrade our cooking facilities and cooking gears to keep compliant with local regulatory authorities on monthly and annually inspections for microbes and chemical analysis of food and water